Why the name change?

In a word? Outreach. The word gūd means God and good in Swedish. No matter what you believe, we know you will find it with one or more classes offered. 

We felt the name was inhibiting, not only to location but also to people with all sorts of belief systems. To love all the people we must first meet them. Amen?!

But what about Holy Yoga?

Holy Yoga isn't going anywhere. You will still find Holy Yoga classes on the schedule, just like before, listed as HY.

Why does it still say Holy Yoga Kingwood in the url and other places?

Rome wasn't built in a day and this won't be either! We are working diligently to make this a smooth transition and these things take time. 

I don't want Holy anything!

No worries. Unless the class offered is listed as Holy Yoga or HY, it is a classical yoga class. No belief system other than love will be represented.

Other questions about the name change?

Please use the contact form.

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